Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Erratic Nature Of Your First Period After Pregnancy

You can get your first period after pregnancy in a month’s time, in two month’s time, or even six months after your child is born. We know that you may not miss your periods too much, especially after the period free life that you led for nine long months!

Why You’re First Period After Pregnancy Is Not Regular

Getting back to the question about why you do not get your periods immediately after pregnancy. The reason is that you breast feed. Breast-feeding results in the secretion of a substance called prolactin, which suppresses the normal functioning of the ovaries.

The Erratic Nature of Periods Post Pregnancy

You will not get your periods if you breast feed your infant regularly or if your baby’s age is below six months. If however, you do not breast feed, then you should get your first period after pregnancy within two to two and a half months. Those mothers, who breast-feed their child, may even get their periods in the third or fourth month after delivery. However, for women who are heavy breast feeders may get them only after the sixth month of delivery. Remember however, that every woman’s body is uniquely made and therefore, can be unpredictable to an extent.

Some Inputs on Lochia

The moment you sit up in bed, after your baby has been delivered, you may find blood running down your legs. This blood once formed the lining of the uterus during pregnancy. You will notice that it is bright red and expelled in huge amounts. This blood is known as lochia and is a perfectly normal thing to happen. You may also see blood clots come out from your vagina. As long as these are small and few in number, it is considered normal, but if they are very large, you may have to call for a doctor to check you up. In a few days or even hours, the bleeding will slow down, and change to a watery pinkish discharge. It is advisable to use sanitary napkins and not tampons at this time, as tampons can cause infection.

Why don’t you read good books and magazines on the first period after pregnancy? You will be enlightened and the knowledge will help you deal with your situation better.

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